Scrapbook Mania: How Personalized Do You Want To Get?

Scrapbooking has been a popular hobby for decades. It is a way to commemorate beautiful, fun, and funny moments in one's life in a really artistic and creative way. You can make a scrapbook completely yours, with lots of personalization that reflects a lot of who you are. Yet, how personalized do you want to get? Here are a few options to consider that will take your personalization of your scrapbooks to a new level. 

Personalized Die-Cut Stickers

There are plenty of companies that personalize labels and stickers. Some of them make really wonderful stickers that work well for scrapbookers, and these stickers can include your name, the names of the people in your family, and even the names of your closest friends if you want to make a scrapbook of your friends and your adventures with your friends. Personalized die-cut stickers not only save you the trouble of having to write names over and over again but also make your scrapbook memories definitively your own. 

Special Die-Cutting Machines Producing Symbols You Claim as Your Own

If you could claim a logo that entirely represents you, what would it be? Designing one is half the fun. Placing it on the front page at the beginning of every scrapbook marks each dedicated work of art in the scrapbook as yours. Maybe you want a front page logo and a different symbol for the final page, both representing you. The best part is that you can get a personal die-cutting machine that sits easily on top of a crafting table or desk and allows you to create thousands of personally designed items right at your fingertips.

Personalized Wax Seals

Kings and queens of old used wax seals to seal their letters before sending them. Each seal was designed to represent the house to which the royal family member belonged, plus an additional new symbol enmeshed with the familial symbol to represent a specific member of each royal family. You can create your own personalized wax seals and use them in your scrapbooks, too. Everything from your initials to family crest designs are available. You can also design your own wax seal, and a company that makes custom wax seal stampers will make the seal for you. Use it sparingly, as the wax sticks are not cheap, and the dried and hardened wax seal can leave quite a hefty stamp on a page. 

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